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Kitty Adams

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Kitty Adams & the Hi Ho Silvers!

'Kitty Adams and the Hi Ho Silvers' recorded a demo EP including 'Kitty's' 'Wallpaper Horses' song that made the Capitol Country Music Association national finals in Tamworth. She made the local papers and channel NBN News with Sandra Clarke playing guitar. Sandra accompanied 'Kitty' at the  2001 Tamworth Country Music Festival for the CCMA Awards but the song did not win. 

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NBN News visits Kitty Adams.

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Cool Creek Cafe

'Kitty' met many local songwriters through the Bellingen Songwriters and Musicians Society that she helped form around the same time. BSSMS supported local music by hosting a live concert at the Diggers Tavern once a month. It was recorded by Max Thrower and aired on the local 2BBBfm radio station. 'Kitty' went on to play many times at iconic venue 'Cool Creek Cafe' run by Annie and Shelly.

She not only waitressed there but headlined her own shows and worked in a duo with local songwriter Sandra Clarke.

Kitty supported touring artists and became one of the Cool Creek family for over four years.

They were a massive supporter of Kitty's dreams and a highlight of her music career.

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Kitty Adams& Sandra Clarke performing at the Cool Creek Cafe on International Womens Day.

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Kitty Adams singing with mother Gill Adams with Peter Crane on guitar and Greg Richardson on bass.

Cool Creek Cafe.

'Four Good Reasons' with Leisa Robinson, Sandra Clarke and Greg Richardson was another line up 'Kitty' worked with and collaborated in writing original material. They played at local wine fairs and fundraising events. She also worked with Luke Rhodes and Nigel Harrington for a local flood relief concert at the Cool Creek Cafe and recorded backing vocals on Nigel Harrington's 'The Nagual" dance album.

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Kity Adams, Luke Rhodes and Nigel Harrington.

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Four Good Reasons

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The Cool Creek Cafe was an important chapter in Bellingen's history.Annie and Shelly's cafe supported artists for many years.
They championed female artists and were not only great hosts but great friends to many local artist and touring artists.
Shelly cooked and Annie provided the sound.

Annie Arnold now runs her business 'Cool Events Bellingen.'
She hosts and provides sound for local events and venues including the Never Never Mind Cafe in Dorrigo.


'Kitty' joined local jazz band 'Zoobop' with Chris Frater leading the band on sax, Peter Crane on guitar, Michael Daunt on keyboards and flute, Greg Richardson on bass and Lawrence Pastro on drums. Zoobop played at the Bellingen Jazz Festival, Kempsey Arts Ball, local halls, clubs and parties and the Coffs Harbour Food & Wine Festival. She worked with the Kitty Adams Trio for the following Bellingen Jazz Festival with Peter Crane on guitar and Greg Richardson on double bass. 

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For a good cause...

Kitty put her hand up to play at many fundraising events while living in Bellingen including saving an elephant, koalas, the environment, jacaranah trees and refugees. an enormous house concert while living on a farm at Hydes Creek. 

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Kitty Adams photo shoot for Mudpies EP.

Photography by Keith Tutor.

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Kitty recorded five original songs for a demo EP entitled 'Mudpies' in 2000.

The songs have never been released.

Kitty & the Alley Cats !

Kitty Adams ( Kylie): vocals & guitar

Alley Cats:

Roy Payne: guitar & lapsteel

Paul Hayward: bass

Dave Hibbert: drums

Mark Thomas: pedal steel

Special guests: Trucker Bob, Buddy Cartwright, Greg Morrow, Jeff Pope, Greg Mitchell and Dominc O'Donnell. 

Recordings: live at the Town & Country Hotel 2004 and an EP. Not released.

Roy Payne from the Whiteliners approached Kylie and suggested starting a country /rockabilly band. 

They played country classics of Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Linda Ronstadt and recorded an EP of Kylie’s original songs. Kitty and The  Alley cats played regularly at inner Western Sydney venues and recorded a live unreleased album at the iconic Town and Country Hotel. The band had a loyal following and were on their way to tamworth when their management doubled booked them and the gigs and the band fell through.

Kitty continued to work under her Kitty Adams stage name and The Kitty Adams Band.

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was a stage name used by Kylie from 2000 to 2006. The idea was born with country band 'Kitty Adams the Hi Ho Silvers,' in Bellingen with John Thorne on drums, Karen Braidwood on bass, Dom Phillips on guitar and 'Kitty' on vocals. They brought in the new year at the local football ground, played at parties including the infamous "Crazy Day" hosted by the Cool Creek Cafe. Local artist Greg Norton Baker often joined them on harmonica and vocals.

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