Kylie Adams-Collier

 Kylie Adams-Collier 

Australian Country Music Artist. 

Little Stone & Sweet Dreams 

'til Morning available now. 

Kross Kut Records. 


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Little Stone.


Montevideo Maru 1942


Younger in Urunga


Ferry Over The Clarence


Kylie's third solo album " Little Stone" was released on independent lable Kross Kut Records in December 2017.

Little Stone was recorded and produced by Lindsay Waddington in his Kross Kut Records studios on the Gold Coast during 2017.

All twelve tracks are songs written by Kylie that feature stories of places she has travelled, history and love. 

Track Listing:

Little Stone

Montevideo Maru 1942

On a Sandstone Ridge

Ferry Over The Clarence

Best Friend 'Round The Block

The Quiet of the Bush Welcomes me

Younger in Urunga

Tassy Caravan

Backyard Trucking Fire


Widgies & Bodgies


Lindsay Waddington : Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion

Lawrie Minson: Steel, Dobro, Harp, Banjo, Piano Accordion

Hugh Curtis: Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitars, Bass, Strings

Michel Rose: Steel, Guitars, Mandolin

Tony Wagner: Piano, Strings

Rob O'Sullivan: Bass

Kylie Adams-Collier: Vocals & Backing vocals

Tyson Colman: Backing vocals

Sweet Dreams 'til Morning


Waiting For Heaven to Rain


I Can't Help it if I'm Still in Love With You


Goodbye Dear Tamworth

Track 01

Kylie's second solo album "Sweet Dreams 'til Morning" was recorded in 2015 and released January 2016. Recorded and produced by Gary Brown at Propaganda Studios in Sydney, Kylie's album consists of twelve tracks. Five covers and seven originals. The album was mastered by the legendary   

Herm Kovak at Ramrod Studios. 

Sweet Dreams 'til Morning features ;
Gary Brown: Resonator, lap steel, banjo, electric guitar and weissenborn
Bob Howe: Acoustic & electric guitar & harmonica
Allan Tomkins: Bass
Malcolm Hamerston: Drums
Tomi Graso: Pedal Steel
Hester Fraser: Piano & harmonies on tracks 2 & 6
Justin Standley: Duet on track 10
Andrew Clermont: Mandolin & Dobro Bass on Track 12
Rachel Johnston: Cello on track 12
Gareth Rowan: Bass on track 3, Rhythm guitar on track 12, tremelo on track 9
Dean Gray: Nylon string guitar on track 12
Kylie Adams-Collier: Lead vocals and Harmonies
Kylie Adams-Collier : Album photography and design.  
Kylie's album was released on the 22nd January 2016.


I Can't Help it if I'm Still in Love With You

When Loved ones Are Near

Crying Time

I Wanna Live on a Farm

Don't Fence me in

Sweet Dreams 'til Morning

Careless Love

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Come on and Dance With me

Waiting For Heaven to rain

Goodbye Dear Tamworth

Goodnight Dear Dad Goodnight

Bellingen Says Goodnight

Track 1
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Fishing at Tapu

Track 6
(Unknown album (1_07_2015 3_39_)

Pacific Highway

Track 10
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Track 8
(Unknown album (1_07_2015 3_39_)

Kylie recorded her debut solo Album "Bellingen Says Goodnight" in 2014. It was recorded and produced by Aria award winner Brendan Gallagher http://brendangallagher.com.au/

Recorded in three studios; Gig Piglet Studios, Pavilion Studios and Studio East, the album features Brendan Gallagher on many instruments including: bass, piano,acoustic guitar, electric guitar,slide guitar, percussion, organ, piano,mandolin, glockenspiel and kettle drum. 

Slim Dusty's touring drummer Robert Souter recorded drums and Peter Hollo recorded cello. 

Kylie Adams-Collier recorded guitar, vocals, backing vocals and piano.

Dedicated to Kylie's hometown of Bellingen, her album features songs about the town, her family and real life stories. 

The album was mastered by Meredith Brooks at Farout! productions.

Kylie designed the artwork and layout which includes photography by Jaii Lee, Keith Tutor, Donna Gould and Kylie Adams-Collier. Complete with a lyric booklet and three panel design, Bellingen Says Goodnight is a beautifully presented album. It was released on the 3rd August 2014 and launched in Bellingen on the 12th December.


Bellingen Says Goodnight

Mountain Song

Ride Your Horse Again

Dance DanceDance

I'd Like to Own  a Hotrod

Fishing at Tapu

Goodnight Sleepout



Pacific Highway


Silver Moon

Kylie recorded with the "Snow Leopards" on two albums in 1991 on Waterfront Records.

Self titled &  Sweet Sweet Dreams. 

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