Kylie Adams-Collier

 Kylie Adams-Collier 


Song title: 'Camel up Earlston Said.' 

Producer: Lindsay Waddington.

Label: Kross Kut Records.

Musicians: Lindsay Waddington: guitars & drums.

Hugh Curtis: fiddle,bass,mandolin,acoustic guitar.

Kylie Adams-Collier: lead & backing vocals.

'Camel up,' Earlston said as he took a sip of water.

'What's camel up? Kylie asked.

'Haven't you heard of camel up before? It means have a big drink of water!' Earlston replied.

With a day to spare around Kylie's South Australian tour, local country music fan, Earlston, took her sight-seeing around the Barossa Valley. Their day out included eating lavender ice-cream, tasting fine wine, visiting special places and Earlston sharing his stories.

Kylie was so impressed by her Barossa Valley experience, it's history and gentle landscape that she penned a poem 'Melaleuca's & Wine' at day's end paying homage to her father's nickname 'Melaleuca Mel' who is always with her in spirit. Kylie later re-wrote her poem into a colourful ballad and re-named it. Produced by Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records, Kylie's latest single features Lindsay Waddington and Hugh Curtis.

This is Kylie' first recording since releasing her multi-award winning 'Little Stone' album and captures the listeners imagination in the first few bars with her soaring unique vocals and delightful melody.

Interwoven with traditional country music instruments including tremolo guitar, fiddle, mandolin and steel,this lyrical ballad sets the scene of the Barossa Valley.


Little Stone produced by Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records. 

Released December 2017.          

All songs written by kylie Adams-Collier.

Lindsay Waddington: Guitars,bass,drums,percussion.

Lawrie Minson: steel, dobro,harp,banjo,piano accordian.

Hugh Curtis: fiddle,mandolin,guitars bass,strings.

Tony Wagner: piano,strings.

Rob O'Sullivan: bass.

Kylie Adams-Collier:vocals

Tyson Coleman: backing vocals.


Sweet Dreams 'til Morning produced by Gary Brown at Propaganda Studios, Brookvale in 2015. 

Mastered by Herm Kovak at Ramrod Studios.

Released January 2016. 

All songs written  by Kylie Adams-Collier 

except: I Can't Help it, Crying Time, Don't Fence me in,Careless Love,Dream a Little Dream of me.

Gary Brown: resonator, lap steel, banjo, electric guitar and weissenborn
Bob Howe: acoustic & electric guitar & harmonica
Allan Tomkins: bass
Malcolm Hamerston: drums
Tomi Graso: pedal steel
Hester Fraser: piano & harmonies on tracks 2 & 6
Justin Standley: duet on track 10
Andrew Clermont: mandolin & dobro bass on Track 12
Rachel Johnston: Cello on track 12
Gareth Rowan: bass on track 3, rhythm guitar on track 12                                                                                                                                   & tremelo on track 9
Dean Gray: nylon string guitar on track 12
Kylie Adams-Collier: lead vocals & backing vocals.


Bellingen Says Goodnight

Produced by Brendan Gallagher at Gig Piglet Studios, 

Pavilion Studios and Studio East in 2014. Mastered by Meridith Brooks at Farout productions.

Released December 2014.

All songs written by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Brendan Gallagher : bass, piano,acoustic guitar, electric guitar,slide guitar, percussion, organ, piano,mandolin, glockenspiel and kettle drum. 

Robert Souter: drums 

Peter Hollo: cello. 

Kylie Adams-Collier :guitar, vocals, backing vocals and piano.

Bellingen Says Goodnight tracks:

1.Bellingen Says Goodnight

2.Mountain Song

3.Ride Your Horse Again

4.Dance Dance Dance

5.I'd Like to Own  a Hotrod

6.Fishing at Tapu

7.Goodnight Sleepout



10.Pacific Highway


12.Silver Moon



The Balladeers Vol 20.

Track Listing:

1 DALE DUNCAN Station Minderoo Terry Bennetts & Keith Lethbridge 4.23
2 ERNIE CONSTANCE Catching Cod At Colosseum Ernie Constance 3.28
3 DEAN PERRETT He Talks Of Going Back Ian Quinn 2.54
4 STEVE SPARROW The Old Gidgee Tree S. Coster 4.26
5 LEX K. Love To Go Mustering Again Lex K. 3.31
6 GARTH BRAND Asphalt Garth Brand 4.19
7 ANTHONY BAXTER Huntah’s Melody Anthony Baxter (Instrumental) 3.52
8 BAND OF MATES Sons Of Australia Terry Bennetts/Evan Platschinda/Ginger Cox 3.16
9 JOHN BATTLE Room Full Of Old Gold Records Mick Finn 3.26
10 ADRIAN CANN Orchid Street T. Jewell 5.30
11 CHRIS STROHFELD Coster’s Beer Stand Chris Strohfeld 3.03
12 PETER COAD Tommy Mac P. Coad 4.13
13 KYLIE ADAMS-COLLIER Ferry Over The Clarence Kylie Adams-Collier 3.08
14 GAIL and LINDSAY HAMMOND The Bushman’s Song Stan Coster 2.48
15 MALCOLM DOYLE You Captured My Heart M. Doyle 2.35
16 PETER SIMPSON The Rusty Bell Ivy Waters/Shorty Ranger 1.55
17 PAUL SEILS Remember Ronnie Martin R. McMillan/H. Spittle 3.17
18 VICKI WALSH Dance With Me Vicky Walsh 4.44
19 GREGORY (GREG) M. DILLON The Bible And The Soldiers Dream
Gregory M. Dillon 4.40
20 OLIVE BICE & DESREE CRAWFORD Nobody Lives Here Anymore
Olive Bice, Desree Crawford OAM and Heather Darrington 3.28
21 DAWN BRYDON The Walkers Boys Dawn Brydon 3.11
22 PETER WELLS and ALLAN MORGAN Foolscap Tombstone Dixon/Dusty 2.13
(Instrumental featuring PETER WELLS and ALLAN MORGAN from Marcia Armfeild’s album, “Silver City Broken Hill”)


The Balladeers Vol 21.

1 DEAN PERRETT Ringers Life (Dean Perrett) 2.57
2 ANITA REE Sugar Cane (Anita Ree) 3.10
3 LEX K. Old Love Songs and Memories (Lex K.) 4.03
4 SHELLY JONES BAND My Angel (Michelle Treuer/Stacy Treuer/Lester Treuer) 5.15
5 MICHAEL CLARE Bloke From Bendemeer (Michael Clare) 3.57
6 KYLIE ADAMS-COLLIER On A Sandstone Ridge (Kylie Adams-Collier) 3.01
7 MALCOLM DOYLE The Square Dance (Malcolm Doyle) 2.26
8 LAURA DOWNING Home Is Waiting Here (Norma O’Hara Murphy/Laura Downing) 4.09
9 PETER COAD O.A.M. Wally And The Pack Horse (Peter Coad O.A.M.) 3.35
10 SHOWPONY EXPRESS The Mighty Murray River (Samantha Bellamy) 3.27
11 CHRIS STROHFELD Eulo Queen (Chris Strohfeld) 4.08
12 LORRAINE PFITZNER O.A.M. One Small Photograph (Kevin Shegog) 2.52
13 JACK GRAYDON Driving Through The Valley (Jack Graydon) 3.31
14 OLIVE BICE O.A.M. Proud To Be Australian (Olive Bice/Colin James) 3.01
15 GORDON LARKIN Piebald Pony Dream (Jim Gilmour) 2.44
16 ROBYN NORTON Spread Your Wings (Ray Rose) 3.53
17 PETER C. SHEAHAN Gentleman Stan (Peter C. Sheahan) 3.29
18 STEPHEN R. CHENEY The Cowboy’s Lullaby (Stephen R. Cheney) 3.48
19 PAUL SEILS Exiled (Trevor Day/Keith & Marion Dixon) (Yeldah Music) 2.47
20 IVAN KOVAC A Bloke From The Vanishing Breed (Tribute To Bluey Francis)
(Kelly Dixon/Ivan Kovac) 3.23
21 DAWN BRYDON The Bargain (Dawn Brydon) 3.25



Released on Waterfront Records 1991.

Discogs: www.discogs.com 

Waterfront Records  
PO Box A1437 Sydney South 
NSW 1235 Australia 
P: +61-2 9283 9301 
F: +61-2 9283 8307

Bruce Begley: acoustic guitar, electric guitar , bass,backing vocals.

Paul Nagle: acoustic guitar, slide guitar

Peter Kelly: drums

Andrew Ingram: bass

James Lockett: piano & organ

Greg Atkinson: vocals

Lisa Partington: vocals

Andrea Croft: vocals

Kylee ( Kylie) Adams: vocals


1.Kim's World


3.Second Home Coming

4.Oh Johnny!

5.I'll Break Down




Sweet Sweet Dreams

Produced by 

John Hresc and Tim Whitten  in  1990 & 1991. 

Mastered by Steve Smart.

Released on Waterfront Records 1992.

All songs written by Bruce Begley.

Discogs: www.discogs.com 

Waterfront Records  
PO Box A1437 Sydney South 
NSW 1235 Australia 
P: +61-2 9283 9301 

Bruce Begley: guitars

Andrew Ingram: bass

Peter DJ Kelly: bass

Peter Kelly: drums

Paul Nagle: guitar

James Lockett: keyboards

Lisa Partington: vocals

Kylie Adams: vocals


Sweet Sweet Dreams

Bear & Bunny Song

Elusive Thing

Love Was all Around me

Kim's World


Second Home Coming

Oh Johnny!

I'll Break Down

Coco Pops


Best Friend 'Round The Block single:

Songwriter: Kylie Adams-Collier

Single release date: 25.11.19

Album: "Little Stone."

#5 Country Songs Top 40 Australian 

Airplay Chart.

#3 AMRAP Airit Regional Chart.

#20 TYGA Chart.

Label: Kross Kut Records.

Produced by:Lindsay Waddington.

Released through:

AMRAP Airit: https://airit.org.au/

Checked Label Services: 

Key 2 Artist Promotions: 

Available through:




Moonshine single release:

Songwriter: Kylie Adams-Collier

Album: Little Stone

Label: Kross Kut Records

Produced by: Lindsay Waddington.

Release date: 8.4.19 

Released by:

Checked Label Services


RE - RELEASED: 11.6.19


Publicity: Kylie Adams-Collier

# 38 County Top 40 Australian Airplay charts

 #31 Official Tasmanian and OZCMR country Top 40 Charts

#33 International Mainstream Country Music charts

Younger in Urunga single release:

Songwriter: Kylie Adams-Collier

Album: Little Stone   

Release date: February 19th 2018. 

Publicity: CRS Publicity 

Label: Kross Kut Records

Producer: Lindsay Waddington.

 #2 Tasmanian Top 30 Charts   

#7 Country tracks Top 40 Charts

Awards: Traditional Country Music Awards of Australia Top 10 album

Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards runner up for:

Best Country Album and Best Songwriter.

Hook, Line & Sinker single release:

Songwriter: Kylie Adams-Collier

Relaese date:November 2019

Album: Little Stone

Label: Kross Kut Records

Producer: Lindsay Waddington

Publicity: Hillcrest Music.

#10 Country Tracks Top 40 Charts

On a Sandstone Ridge single release:

Release date:April 2019.

Songwriter: Kylie Adams-Collier

Album:Little Stone."

Label: Kross Kut Records

Producer: Lindsay Waddington

Awards: Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Award winner for Best New Talent

Stan Coster Memorial Australia Bush Ballad Award for Best New Talent

Charts: #28



Key 2 Artist Promotions.

Montevideo Maru 1942 single release:

Album: Little Stone

Producer: Lindsay Waddington

Publicity: CRS Publicity & Key 2 Artist Promotions

Charts: #2 Country Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart


Brumby Award for best heritage song and songwriter.

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards finalist for Best Anzac Song.

Songs Alive songwriters awards runner up Best Heritage Song.

Sweet Dreams 'til Morning single release:

Songwriter: Kylie Adams-Collier

Single release: October 2016.

Produced by: Gary Brown

#34 Country Tracks Top 40 Airplay Charts.

Studio: Propaganda Studios, Brookvale Sydney.

Awards: Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Semi Finalist for Gospel Song of the Year.

Waiting For Heaven to Rain single release:

Songwriter: Kylie Adams-Collier

Released: July 2016

Album: Sweet Dreams 'til Morning

Producer: Gary Brown

#2 Country top 40 Australian Airplay Charts

Publicity: CRS Publicity

Awards: Tamworth Songwriters Association Salute Awards Gospel Song of the Year Finalist.

Pacific Highway: 

Songwriter: Kylie Adams-Collier

Album: Bellingen Says Goodnight

Release Date: December 2014

Publicity: AMRAP Airit.

Label: Independant


2015 Capitol Country Music Association finalist for 

Senior Songwriting.

Sweet Sweet Dreams single release:

Songwriter: Bruce Begley

Album : Snow Leopards ; Sweet Sweet Dreams

Release Date: 1991

Label: Waterfront Records

Oh Johnnie single release:

Songwriter: Bruce Begley

Album: Snow Leopards self titled 

Release date: 1991

Label: Waterfront Records

Charts:  Top 10 Alternate Aria Charts 1991

Band line ups:

Band Name: The Willows

Year: 1988

Band members: Paul Hayward : bass, Greg Morrow: guitar, Peter Kelly: drums, Bruce Begley: guitar, Kylie Adams: vocals, Tony: harmonica. 


Band name:The Snow Leopards

Year: 1991

Band members:Bruce Begley: guitar, Lisa Partington: vocals, Kylee ( Kylie) Adams: vocals,Andrea Croft: vocals, Paul Nagel: guitar,Peter Kelly: drums, Peter DJ Kelly: bass, James Lockett: keyboards, Greg Atkinson: vocals, Andrew Igram: bass

Recording: self titled and Sweet Sweet Dreams.

Band name: Deep South

Year: 1994

Band members: Kylie Adams: vocals, Dominic Phillips: guitar, Tony Cooper: drums, Mark Cunningham: bass.

Band name : Kitty Adams & The Hi Ho Silvers

Year: 2000

Band members: Kitty  Adams ( Kylie) : vocals, Dominic Phillips: guitar, Karen Braidwood: bass, John Thorne: drums. 

Recording: Not released. 

Band name: Adams Sisters

Year: 1998

Band members: Kylie Adams: vocals, Jenny Adams: guitar & vocals

Recording: Not released. 

Band name: Apollonians

Year: 1995

Band members: Kylie Adams: vocals, Dominic Phillips: guitar, Tony Cooper: drums: Mark Cunningham: Bass. 

Band name: Kitty Adams ( Kylie)

Year: 2000

Collaborated with: Nigel Harrington, Sandy Clarke, Luke Rhodes, Greg Richardson, Leisa Robinson,Willow Wishart,

Tony Polson and many more.

Recording: Mudpies EP: Not released.

Band name: Zoobop

Year: 2001

band members: Kitty Adams ( Kylie): vocals, Chris Frater: saxaphone,Peter Crane: guitar, Greg Richardson: bass,

Lawrence Pastro: drums, Michael Daunt: keyboards. 

Band name: Kitty and The Alley cats 

Year: 2003

band members: Kitty Adams ( Kylie): vocals & guitar, Roy Payne: guitar & lapsteel, Paul Hayward: bass, Dave Hibbert: drums, Mark Thomas: pedal steel.

Special guests: Trucker Bob, Buddy Cartwright, Greg Morrow, Jeff Pope. 

Recordings: live at the Town & Country Hotel 2004 and an EP.  Not released.

Solo artist name: Kitty Adams

Year 2007

band members: collaborated with may people then had a break from live music. 

Continued writing.

Solo artist name: Kylie Adams-Collier

Year: 2014

First solo recording : Bellingen Says Goodnight. 

Solo artist name: Kylie Adams-Collier

Year: 2016

Second solo recording: Sweet Dreams 'Til Morning.

Solo artist name: Kylie Adams-Collier

Year: 2017

Third solo recording: Little Stone