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Short Biography

Kylie Adams-Collier is an Australian country music recording artist and a national radio host for Good Morning Country on the Community Radio Network.

She has been working within the Australian country music industry on the road and on the air for over thirty years.

A multi- award winning songwriter, Kylie's inspiration for lyrics and music come from her time on the road.

She has released five albums.

Two albums with the Snow Leopards in the early nineties on Waterfront Records and more recently three solo albums:

"Bellingen Says Goodnight" produced by Brendan Gallagher,

"Sweet Dreams 'Til Morning"  produced by Gary Brown and 

"Little Stone" produced by Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records.

Kylie is currently writing songs for her next album.


Chart positions on the Country Tracks Top 40 Airplay Charts:

#2    Waiting For Heaven to Rain. 

#2    Montevideo Maru 1942.

#5    Best Friend 'Round The Block.    

#7    Younger in Urunga.

#10   Hook, Line & Sinker.  

#28   On a Sandstone Ridge.

#32   Goodbye Dear Tamworth.

#34   Sweet Dreams 'til Morning.

#38   Moonshine.

#17  Camel up Earlston Said


Songwriting Awards

Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards winner: Best New Talent: "On a Sandstone Ridge." (Little Stone album).

Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards finalist :Best Female Artist: "On a Sandstone Ridge." (Little Stone album).

Brumby Awards winner: Heritage Song of The Year-"Montevideo Maru 1942." (Little Stone album).

Brumby Awards winner: Songwriter-" Montevideo Maru 1942." ( Little Stone album).

Stan Coster Australian memorial Bush Ballad Awards Winner: Best New Talent: " On a Sandstone Ridge." 

(Little Stone album).

Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards National Runner up: Best country Album: "Little Stone."

Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards National Runner up: Best Songwriter: "Little Stone."

Australian Songwriters Association National Songwriters Awards: Top 10 Australian Song of The Year: 

"Best Friend 'Round The Block."(Little Stone album).

Traditional Country Music Awards of Australia album of the year winner: "Little Stone."

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Finalist: Best Bluegrass Song: " Moonshine" ( Little Stone album).

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Semi Finalists for Best Heritage Song: "Montevideo Maru 1942" 

( Little Stone album).

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Semi Finalist for Best Gospel Song: "Sweet Dreams 'til Morning" 

( Sweet Dreams 'til Morning album).

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Finalist for Best Gospel Song: "Waiting For Heaven to Rain." 

( Sweet Dreams 'til Morning album). 

John P Toomey Songwriting Award Finalist: "Goodbye Dear Tamworth." ( Sweet Dreams 'til Morning album).

Tamworth Capitol Country Music Association Songwriting Awards Finalist: " Pacific Highway." 

(Bellingen Says Goodnight album).

Tamworth Capitol Country Music Association Songwriting Awards Finalist: " Wallpaper Horses." 

Songs Alive Australia National Songwriting Competition Top 10 Finalist for heritage Song of The Year: "Montevideo Maru 1942." ( Little Stone album).

Kross Kut Records Music Award.


Feedback from the country music industry:
"The first rule of writing is to write about what you know. 
Kylie certainly does that with her songwriting,with every song clearly 
a piece of her heart and mind."
Kaz Johnson.
Entertainment blogger.

"We're proud of what you're doing."
Dianne Lindsay and Peter Simpson.

"You have earned your stripes Kylie."
Wendy Gordon.
Clarence Valley Country Muster.

"Congratulations on being yourself."
Dobe Newton.
The Bushwakers.

"Thankyou for your contribution to our Musical memories afternoon.You were wonderful. Is there a classification of country comedy?
If not you could invent it! Great voice. Let that Kylie out!"
Georgina Frogley.
The Don Dorrigo and Guy Fawkes Historical Society vice president.

Musical history

Growing up in Bellingen, northern N.S.W, Australia, Kylie was brought up with music.

Her mother was a radio presenter at 2BBBfm, Bellingen and opened Kylie’s eyes to a large variety of musical styles.

Kylie left home to study fine arts in Sydney in the late eighties. It was there that she started singing country music in bars and writing songs after her sister, Jenny Adams gave her a guitar.

Her first band, The Willows developed a following at the iconic Sandringham Hotel, which caught songwriter , Bruce Begley’s ( The Honeys) attention.

Kylie joined Bruce Begley’s new band  the Snow Leopards along with Bruce Begley, Andrea Croft 

( The Honeys), Greg Atkinson ( Big Heavy Stuff), Lisa Partington ( The Rosemaries), Peter Kelly 

( Disneyfist), Peter Kelly ( Vanilla Chainsaws), James Lockett, Paul Nagel and Andrew Ingram .

The Snow Leopards recorded two albums on Waterfront Records which lead to a national tour, JJJfm playlisting and a live at the wireless concert plus videos on ABC’s Rage TV. The Snow Leopards got into the Top 10 Alternative ARIA charts and played regularly at venues.

The Snow Leopards were also included in the Roo Art's Young Blood Compilation CD. This lead to touring with The  Fauves, The Clouds, The Welcome Mat and many more popular independent bands of the 90's.

Kylie's next collaboration was with the Appollonians ( originals band) , Deep South ( blues band) with Dom Phillips, Tony Cooper and Mark Cunningham. They supported many bands including Canned Heat, The Whitlams, Peggy Van Zalm, Richard Clapton, Mental as Anything, Lonesome Boogie and many more. 

Kylie then moned back to her hometown of Bellingen. This inspired her to write country songs again. She joined Dom Phillips, John Thorne, Karen Braidwood and Brad Ross to form Kitty Adams & The Hi Ho Silvers. They recorded a self - titled EP. Kylie' self penned song about her father  " Wallpaper Horses" made it into the finals in the Capitol Country Music Association National songwriting competition and was covered by local papers and the channel 7 TV. 

Kylie continued to write songs, taking on the stage name Kitty Adams. She worked with other Bellingen artists Sandra Clarke, Leisa Robinson and many more performing at many fundraising gigs, wine fairs and hotels in and around the Bellingen area. 

Popular Bellingen Cafe, Cool Creek Cafe, supported Kylie ( Kitty) in more  ways than one. Annie and Shelley supported Kylie as a waitress where she met numerous touring acts. Sometimes she was a singing waitress on request! Annie booked Kylie as a support act or a headline act and she would fill the venue. This helped Kylie build a strong fan base in her hometown.

Kylie also joined a jazz band , Zoobop, in Bellingen with well respected jazz players, Chris Frater, Peter Crane, Michael Daunt, Greg Richardson and Lawrence Pastro. They performed at two Bellingen Jazz Festivals, Kempsey Arts Ball, Coffs Harbour Food and Wine Fair, pubs and private functions. 

Kylie also teamed up with other singers and song writers and started the Bellingen Singers, Songwriters and Musicians Society (BSSMS). The group held popular monthly concerts in town that was recorded by Radio 2bbb’s Max Thrower and broadcasted on the local radio. Neil Hamilton hosted the evening and it was a great networking base for local musicians and a great platform for playing original music.

Kylie also worked with local Bellingen Musician Nigel Harrington on a dance track on his Nagual album. She also teamed up with Luke Rhodes and Nigel Harrington for a special event at the Cool Creek Café to raise money for local businesses affected by floods.

While in Bellingen Kylie was cast as an extra along with many other Bellingen locals for the major feature film, Danny Deckchair. Kylie travelled to Fox Studios, Sydney, and played the part of a keyboard player in the infamous Macadamia Nut Ballroom scene with Miranda Otto and Rhys Ifans.

Not long after Kylie moved back to Sydney with fresh enthusiasm and high hopes. Roy Payne from the Whiteliners approached Kylie and suggested starting a country band. Paul Hayward, Mark Thomas, and David Hibbert joined them and they became Kitty and The Alley Cats.

They played country classics of Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Linda Ronstadt and recorded an EP of Kylie’s original songs. Kitty and The Alley cats played regularly at Sydney venues and recorded a live album at the iconic Town & Country Hotel.

Kylie contacted award winning producer Brendan Gallagher and recorded her first full length album Bellingen Says Goodnight in 2014. Slim Dusty’s drummer, Robert Souter recorded drums with his signature rolling style. Brendan also hired cellist, Peter Hollo to record three cello tracks.

Multi instrumentalists Brendan Gallagher recorded all of the other instruments on the album: mandolin, beetle bass, percussion, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and organ. Kylie recorded with rhythm acoustic guitar, piano and vocals.

Her album of twelve original tracks, Bellingen Says Goodnight, was launched to a sell-out crowd in her hometown of Bellingen in December 2014. 

Locals Vic Manual and the Vass Brothers kicked off the night followed by local musicians Liz Rutten, Greg Sale, Emily Vera and Paul Bulanyi who accompanied Kylie for two great sets. Local radio station 2BBBfm promoted the event and Annie Arnold from Cool Music Productions supplied the ambient lighting for a memorable evening.

Kylie entered her song " Pacific Highway" ( track 10 from Bellingen Says Goodnight) into the Tamworth Capitol Country Music Association's National Talent Quest. She traveled to Tamworth Country Music Festival and took part in the national competition, performing the song in front of a panel of judges. Kylie made it through to the Jamboree and was given an award for reaching the finals. 

Kylie proudly wore the gold medal on a gold ribbon throughout the festival, making many friends along the way!! Kylie wrote down her 2015 Tamworth adventures and wrote " Goodbye Dear Tamworth," dedicated to her new friends and experiences.

This lead to writing more songs and recording " Sweet Dreams 'til Morning" with Gary Brown at Propaganda Studios in Brookvale.

" Sweet Dreams 'til Morning was released in 2016. ( see album page for more album s information).

Over the next few months Kylie sang at local Country Music Clubs, promoting her album while already starting on her next! Kylie was a special guest at the legendary Belrose Country Music Club, Northern Beaches Country Music Club and John Clement's Seaforth Bowling Club. Kylie co hosted the Northern Beaches Country Music Club on a few occasions to help raise money for the fight against cancer.

She then started a Country radio program called Custom Country on Radio Northern Beaches, promoting local country concerts and interviewing and promoting independent Country artists. 

This lead to a loyal following locally and through live steaming. Here she met popular radio presenter David Harris who invited Kylie to perform at live to air concerts from retirement villages for "A Senior Moment or Two." Kylie has shared the bill with bush balladeer queen, Dianne Lindsay, Peter Simpson, Gareth Rowan and Dennis Aubrey to name a few.

While at Radio Northern Beaches Kylie also met another radio presenter,Anne Tomlin. Anne invited Kylie to perform at the Commemoration of the Irish Orpan Girls memorial wall at Hyde Park Barracks. Kylie discovered that her great great grandmother was one of the irish orphan girls. She sang the national anthem and a her newly written song " When loved ones are near " ( track 2 on her album).

Kylie was invited to the annual Hank Williams & Patsy Clive Birthday Bash at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL! She then returned in July 2016 to a sell out audience. Canterbury Country is hosted by country legends Bob Howe and Niki Gillis which she has returned to a few times since.

In 2015 Kylie visited Bill Beerens on Good Morning Country to promote her debut album “ Bellingen Says Goodnight.” She went onto co-host the national radio country show with Bill for eight weeks before taking on her own program. After 16 years popular host Declan moved back to Ireland. Kylie applied to host the popular Sunday morning program and got it. 

She featured mainly Australian independent artists on her weekly program that was  broadcasted nationally to local stations through the Community Radio Network every Sunday.

Kylie now hosts Good Morning Country every Thursday on the Community radio Network jloing the Good Morning Country team which includes Kevin Walsh, Georgie Cadwallader and Mike Stewart.

After touring with " Sweet Dreams 'til Morning" and picking up songwriting awards, Kylie began working on her next album.

She recorded  her third solo album "Little Stone" with Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records in 2017 releasing it later that year. 

This catapulted Kylie into the country music festival circut and after travelling thousands of mile in a very short period of time, 

Kylie's name is getting nationally recognized on the road and on the airwaves. 

( See Tour dates page).

 As news, tours and songwriting continues, follow Kylie on Instagram or simply contact her yourself through the contact page.