Had heard of this lady before meeting and listening to her music at Clarence Valley Country Muster in October. She enjoys her music and being on stage, undertaking child and dog minding to help pay for her recordings and travel.

KYLIE ADAMS-COLLIER has released a twelve track CD titled SWEET DREAMS 'TIL MORNING which includes seven originals, including a finalist in the Tamworth Songwriters Awards for gospel song 

which will be announced during the Festival in January, that song is WAITING FOR HEAVEN TO RAIN which is recorded as a duet with JUSTIN STANDLEY and is one of the stand out tracks. Some of the other great original tracks include SWEET DREAMS 'TIL MORNING I love the way KYLIE brings this song alive, GOODBYE DEAR TAMWORTH which is written from KYLIE's Tamworth adventures during the Festival and her  

memories of her father in GOODNIGHT DEAR DAD GOODNIGHT. After selecting these tracks I must say that all the originals are well crafted songs and beautifully sung.

The covers are a varied selection of standards, show songs and a couple one written by HANK WILLIAMS and another by BUCK OWENS. In all a great CD produced by GARY BROWN. The easiest way to sum up this album would be to use KYLIE's song COME ON AND DANCE WITH ME as it will have your feet tapping and you bopping in your seat.

Drum Roll by Al Slade  © 2017 Country All Over

From the moment the CD started I was blissfully transported back to my grandparent's verandah for a family singalong. Kylie has created an album that exudes warmth and sincerity. From the covers of classic hits such as Hank Williams I can't help it if I'm still in love with you and Don't fence me in by Cole Porter to her originals, Kylie successfully maintains the homely, comfortable sounds of yesteryear. The pedal steel playing of Tomi Graso and the sensitive guitar playing of Bob Howe, deserve a mention as they bring so much to the stylistic success of the CD.

For Her original track Waiting for heaven to rain, Kylie teams up with Justin Standley. 

Kylie and Justin's voices blend very nicely together which helps emphasize the song's sense of longing.

Overall, Sweet Dreams til morning is an enjoyable album and to be honest, it was a shame to return from my nostalgic trip to real life when the CD finished."

Peter Christie Country Music Capitol News April 2016

This is an enjoyable album by Kylie who has written seven of the 12 songs she recorded. 

Justin Standley joins Kylie on  Waiting for heaven to rain, making it a standout song. Goodbye dear Tamworth is a story of being in Tamworth Country Music Festival that she seemed to really enjoy.  Both the title song and When loved ones are near are great tracks and shows that she can write good songs. Produced and recorded by Sydney's own Gary Brown, who is well known for his traditional style of Music.

Lorraine Pfitzner review, The Balladeers Bulletin VOL 18 January 2017

This little pocket dynamo made us all exhausted just watching her energy and vitality on stage at Hats Off. With signature red flower in her hair, pure country voice and a mixture of folk and country flavour through her songs and stories, you can’t help but feel for the songs that she sings and rejoice in her simple candour.

The Songs:

I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you – Hank Williams – Every fair dinkum country music singer does a Hank song somewhere in their career, or at the very least, they know one. A good choice, one of my favourites.

When loved ones are near – Kylie Adams-Collier – Kylie is not just a bundle of energy, she seems to me to be a little spiritual, probably the Bellingen coming out in her. This song says it all, really.

Crying Time – Buck Owens – Probably one of the most sung country songs ever, and one of the most respected songwriters in Buck Owens. Most folks that love country music can sing along to this one. The guitar work in this song usually sound like they are on the verge of crying too.

I wanna live on a farm: Kylie Adams-Collier – Don’t we all? A pure country voice singing a pure country song.

Don’t Fence Me In: Cole Porter/Robert Fletcher – An oldie but a goodie. I am sure when Cole Porter wrote songs he never thought that one of the most enduring would be a country song but most people know this one, even today. It is a good one for around the campfire.

Sweet dreams ‘til morning – Kylie Adams-Collier – The title song and one full of imagery. A touch of the Judith Durham on here.

Careless Love: Spencer Williams and Martha E Koenig – A lot of people have sung this, most memorably for me, Lena Horne and Fats Domino! So many different kinds of artists and it is a beauty.

Dream a Little Dream of Me: – Wilbur Schwandt and Fabian Andre – One of my fave singers of all time, Mama Cass made this her own. If there ever was a version to compete with it, it is this one. Wonderful job, Kylie.

Come on and dance with me – Kylie Adams-Collier – This will go down well in old village halls and anywhere where they want to dance old time style. I can’t dance to save myself, but I was tempted to do a twirl in my living room.

Waiting for heaven to rain – Kylie Adams-Collier – The first strains of this song sounded like we were being transported to Mexico. I looked over my shoulder to check and see if there was a guy in a sombrero.  Justin Standley features on this song and does a great job.

Goodbye Dear Tamworth – Kylie Adams-Collier – People always have me at the title if they put Tamworth in it, being an old Tamworth native. Then if they throw in all of the familiar sights and sounds – including the sign mentioned in the song, they can’t go wrong.

Goodnight dear dad goodnight – Kylie Adams-Collier – This album is dedicated to Kylie’s Dad, so it is not a surprise when she does a song salute to him. Lovely song and a great way to wind things up.

The beauty of country music is that it is full of so many different styles. Kylie touches on a few on this album but basically it is country music in its most pure and simple form.

The musicians on this album enrich its simple beauty. Bob Howe, Allan Tomkins, Tomi Graso and Andrew Clermont to name a few. Produced by Gary Brown and mastered by one of my favourites, Herm Kovak, it is a nostalgic, peaceful, tender tribute.

Kaz Johnson : Country As Totally Biased Fan Review July 2016.